We are open 7 days a week. 10:00 am – 10:00pm daily.

No. We have a cafe called ‘RECHARGED!’ For beverages.

We have 2(two) payment methods. One via online payment, another is over the counter.

We do not provide any refund for cash/credit card payment once you have register yourself in the park. However, if you have purchased the tickets online, kindly refer to the return policy.

Yes, we do have a total of 200 lockers ready for you and it is all free of charge. But we are not responsible for any damage or lost items in the premise. Players will be fully responsible for their own belonging while in the premise.

For Fifthroom (escape room game) kids 12 years and below require adult guidance except for rooms with age restriction.
For VS Hall kids 12 years and below can not enter.
For Rage Room are limited to age 18 above.

Babies can not enter.

For Fifthroom (escape room) minimum 2pax.

For VS Hall minimum 4pax during weekend / school holiday and public holiday.

For Rage Room minimum 1pax.

Our price are fixed. Anyone who want to enter the premise need to purchase a ticket. Please refer to HERE for pricing details.

Maximum weight limit for each player is 80kg and below.

Only 6 of our games have a weight limit, games list down below:

– Sumo Boxing

– Sprinter

– Soccer Arena

– Human Ping Pong

– Balloon War

– Light Biking

Upon arrived, need to sign Weight Limit Acknowledgement Form for a group that have a weight limit.