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WHY Partybox 360?

This is the first game hub in Malaysia that provides 3 types of entertainment to choose from. It is located in Lalaport Bukit Bintang City Center (Level 2). The three attractions are VS hall, Rage Room and also Escape Game.

Escape room game is where you will be locked in a themed room full of traps and puzzles with a limited time to escape. Here you will be given 50 minutes.

VS Hall also known as the versus hall is the first Running Man game concept in Malaysia with affordable price. It will give you the experience that you dream of in a lifetime. Vs hall is more to physical games and could create memories and fun bonding time with corporate team building, friends, teammates, schoolmates, colleague and loved ones. There are more than 30 games that you will be playing against one another and fully guided by our friendly game marshal.

Our Rage Room which is the one and only anger or smash room in Malaysia. This is a room where you can release all of your anger by smashing things in a safe environmental while listening to your favorite

3 type of attractions



Running Man Game Challenge in Kuala Lumpur

Game Masters / Marshal (GM) are involved in the planning of gaming events. They will be the first person that players contact if they have a question about the game they are playing.

Our games here are fully planned and guided by GMs to ensure the best possible customer experience from the moment the customer arrives. This includes ensuring that games are properly prepared and that a safe and appropriate environment is always maintained.



Running Man Game Challenge in Kuala Lumpur

Inspired by various variety shows like Running Man & WipeOut, PartyBox 360 brings to you Malaysia’s Ultimate Event Space & Interactive Variety Show Game Hub.

With more than 30 GAMES, an event space of 19,000 square feet equipped with numerous custom-made facilities, we are able to accommodate up to 250 guests at one time, providing a variety of entertainment options such as fr360 (ESCAPE GAME), VS Hall, The Dry Pool, Party Room, Rage Room and The Box as an event space.

Catering to all sorts of party celebrations from birthday parties, gathering, bachelor nights to corporate team buildings. PartyBox 360 believes in cultivating a healthy workplace by instilling core team qualities through interactive gamifications.


Team Building


GMs to facilitate team splitting, crowd control, warm up/ice- breaking session. Team cheer. Score Keeping, winner announcement and Punishment for Losing team.


We offers a multitude of unique, creative & customize games that are guaranteed to cultivate core team values. Check out our activities in VS Hall.

Running Man Game Challenge in Kuala Lumpur
Running Man Game Challenge in Kuala Lumpur
Running Man Game Challenge in Kuala Lumpur
Running Man Game Challenge in Kuala Lumpur

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